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adding a plug socket to a room
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Adding A Plug Socket To A Room

Installing a plug socket in a room as the only outlet or as an addition to existing sockets has a range of benefits, such as the ability to use multiple electrical appliances at once. It will reduce the overload of the circuits. 

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Plug Socket?

The prices of installing new plug sockets can vary dependent on the electrician, the equipment needed and the current state of your electrical wiring system. You may have to consider if you have new or old wiring colours in the property

Costs of add a plug socket

*The above table is estimated only.

Cost Of Installing Electrical Outlets With A USB Port

Given the progression within the electrical world and the increased use of smartphones, people prefer their new plug sockets to be installed with USB outlets as a separate outlet or to have it combined with. A USB port will decrease clutter and trip hazards and reduce the risk of electrical overload.

The estimated cost for the installation of a single socket (USB) is between £75 and £80. Cost can vary if they are metal sockets or an outdoor socket.

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What Factors Can Affect The Cost

Various elements can affect the cost of installing a socket within a home, which will be delved into now.

1) State Of Circuit

The current circuit condition will play a huge factor in the cost when installing new sockets in your home. It is recommended that the existing circuit be reviewed to ensure it can prevent another electrical outlet from being installed.

If no RCD (residual current device) protection is in place, this would need to be installed to comply with current regulations stated within the BS 7671.

2) Proximity To Nearest Suitable Power Source

It is easier to install a socket in a room that already has sockets present than one that does not.
If you are looking to install a socket in a room without sockets, the electrician will need to add and fit extra wiring from the nearest socket in another room and feed it through to the placement of the new sockets, which will increase the costs of the electricians hourly rates.

3) The Type Of Socket

Most electricians will usually quote for standard white sockets. However, there are other styles that can be chosen, but they will have additional costs.

Other sockets include brushed steel, black nickel and polished chrome, and different colours and styles.

4) Floor Area & Walls Types

In some instances, particularly if the room has no sockets present already, carpets and flooring may need to be pulled up to allow access under the floorboards to feed wires through, and walls may need to be accessed. If your wall(s) needs to be accessed, it is recommended to check with your electrician whether the re-construction of said wall(s) will be reconstructed as part of the package.

If floorboards and/or access to the inside of walls is needed, this will incur an additional charge. 

5) Location Of The Plug Sockets

As part of the new rules, the live wire’s colour was changed from red to brown. Any device that has a red live wire is likely made of outdated wiring. 

Can I Install A Plug Socket Myself?

It is always recommended that a professional electrician undertake any electrical work to ensure the electrics are fitted correctly, and there is a reduced risk of an electrical hazard occurring.

Having a qualified electrician complete the work provides a guarantee that the work has been completed safely and in line with building regulations. 

Need To Know FAQ's When Adding A Plug Socket

How Long Does It Take To Install A New Plug Socket?

Dependent on the size of the project and any additions that may arise, a standard plug socket fitting usually takes around 2 hours to complete. However, any additions that may be needed, such as lifting carpets, wall access, etc., will no doubt extend the project’s timeframe.

Do I Have To Get Building Regulations & Planning Permission For Installing Plug Sockets

Although it is highly recommended to have a qualified electrician undertake any electrical work, you do not need to obtain any Building Regulations or planning permission for installing plug sockets.

On the other hand, if the property is a listed building, it is essential to contact your local planning authority to advise of the work to be completed.

The electrician completing the work is bound to comply with the regulations of Building Regulations.

What Size Are Plug Socket Screws?

Standard, modern sockets have a size of 3.5mm diameter screws.

smart home electrical plug sockets

How Do Smart Home Sockets Work?

Smart sockets can be controlled by a smart app from inside or outside of your home, allowing touch and voice commands to adjust settings such as security functions, setting timers etc., alongside the ability to control individual sockets.

There is no hidden, expensive gateway hub unit, cloud costs or subscriptions to utilise a smart socket, and it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for home integration.  

How To Isolate Electricity To Your Sockets?

You would need to isolate the electricity from the main consumer unit. Usually, consumer units will have labels on them to identify which circuit leads to which room, meaning you do not need to turn off the electricity in the whole house, but just the individual room(s).

It is recommended that when a circuit has been turned into the OFF position, meaning you have now isolated the electricity to an individual room, you check to ensure the electrics are indeed off before starting any electrical work. 

How To Tell If A Socket Is Broken Or Faulty?

The most apparent indication that a single socket or a double socket is broken/faulty is a complete lack of power when attempting to use them. It is suggested to check all other outlets as it may be a problem with the main consumer unit or fuse box, rather than an independent issue.

Having a loss of power when a socket is in use, noises originating from the outlet or frequent blowouts/fuses tripping is also a sign that the socket is faulty and needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Other factors would be visible damage, scorch marks around the socket and a burning smell protruding from the socket when in use.

In any of the above circumstances, the socket outlets should not be used. When adding a plug socket to a room whether its single sockets or double sockets, we recommend that a qualified electrician in your area is contacted to review the new socket, consumer unit, breaker box etc., and have the necessary maintenance/repairs carried out.

If you have any questions about installing a new plug socket and ensuring it’s future proof, then speak to our qualified electricians at Top Coventry Electricians.

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