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Count on Top Coventry Electricians to install your new fuse board by one of our fully trained and accredited engineers. With one of our more modern fuse board units, you can ensure your home will be safer going forward.

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What is A Fuse board

Known as an electricity board, a fuse board is actually a device designed to keep the electrics in your home safe. It is a vital piece of equipment that will protect you in the event of an electrical emergency.  It will do this by detecting failures in one of the circuits which will then trip the fuse board switch.

A household fuse board consists of three key sets of switches of varying functions such as:

The Main Switch:

This is the switch that turns off the electricity supply in your property. It would be best to look at your fuse board and make sure you know which one this is, as if you have an electrical emergency in Coventry at any point you can just flick this downwards to turn off all the electrics in the property.

RCD (Residual Current Device): 

An RCD is vital when it comes to protecting you against electrocution. If you accidentally cut through a wire or an appliance is faulty it will automatically cut off the electricity supply to the property as a safeguard.

Quick Tip – You can test if your RCD’s are working and you do this by pressing the “Test” button next to the RCD switches. It is recommended to do this every THREE months to be safe. If you push “TEST” and it doesn’t trip then it would be best to get in contact with a professional electrician to overlook the fuse board.

Circuit Breakers: 

Circuit Breakers will trip initially if they detect an electrical fault. Circuit breakers are the most common to trip and the least to worry about if yours does trip you can simply reset the switch upwards again. However, we would recommend that if they do continuously trip then it would be best to get a qualified electrician in Coventry out and perform some PAT Testing.

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Having Problems With Your Circuit Board

Contact us today for expert electricians who are highly proficient and experienced in ensuring you get a high-quality job done in the shortest time possible. We understand the importance and the safety when it comes to Fuse Board Replacements Coventry so we will try to book an appointment at the earliest convenience.

Don’t Ignore Your Electrical Problems 

Common Faults with Fuse boards


Faulty Electrical

There are times when a faulty fuse box is caused by a single appliance. This could be a TV, a phone charger or lighting. To locate which device is causing the fuse box to trip we would recommend unplugging each appliance and plug them back in one by one, it can be a bit time consuming depending on how many appliances you have but you will find the faulty appliance.

Damaged Wiring From
Bad Installation

It is common for fuse boxes to be subject to many maintenance procedures over their lifetime and this could result in many faults with the wiring. It would be recommended that an emergency electrician should investigate any wiring issues as soon as they arise. Damaged wiring and wires installed incorrectly pose a threat to electrical fires. 

Overloaded Circuits

It is important to check the number of devices connected to each circuit to prevent an overloaded fuse box. Electrical devices are scattered throughout most buildings, this can cause consequential strain on your fuse box. This is particularly apparent when multiple extension sockets are being used. 

For Professional Fuse Box Replacement In Coventry, Get In Touch

Fuse box replacement by experts

Whether your home is older or new, we can improve its safety and run on electricity more efficiently. If you are currently having no faults with your fuse box it still may be best to consider getting it replaced with an updated and more modern consumer unit.

The reasons being:

  • Compared to old-fashioned fuse boards, modern consumer units are safer, as the risk of electrical fire is reduced.
  • Less chance of receiving electrical shocks
  • More energy efficient 
  • If you’re a landlord and renting the property out, your tenants will be in safe hands. You will also meet the criteria and be compliant with Part P of the Building Regulations.

Our comprehensive, professional services include:

  • Miniature circuit breakers and residual current devices are included with the new replacement fuse box. These devices help protect electrical sockets – even outdoor sockets – and detect dangerous changes in electrical current.
  • All work completed by professional local Coventry registered electricians.
  • Emergency appointments & last-minute appointments
  • Fast & efficient
  • Get a free, no-obligation quote for your fuse box replacement by contacting Top Coventry Electricians today.

The engineer arrived on time and carried out the replacement very quick. He also provided us clearly on how the new consumer unit works and what to look out for going forward. Highly recommend.